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The easiest salmon you’ll ever make!

18th May 2020

I haven’t always liked Salmon From a young age, I was always obsessed with salmon up until one day when I choked on a salmon bone. This happened at a family gathering when I was just 11 and had sworn off salmon ever since. I didn’t hate salmon but I was very much afraid of choking again, I just expected it to be boneless but…

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Super soft & chewy cookie recipe

14th May 2020

What have I been up to in lockdown? Since being in lockdown, I’ve definitely developed a sweet tooth and I can confirm all these Tik Tok baking and cooking videos have really not helped but on the plus side, I’ve started to enjoy baking!!! I’m not an expert but this is something I’ve enjoyed learning to do and if anyone asks what I’ve been up…

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The ultimate Bali guide

13th May 2020

Bali is probably the most perfect location for all kinds of occasions; whether you’re travelling solo; with a group of friends or with your partner for a special celebration, the only way to really describe it is Heaven on earth! Bali was my main honeymoon destination and probably the best holiday of my life (not that I’ve been on many haha). In this blog post,…

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Simple, healthy & lush lamb curry

27th October 2019

*This is a sponsored post for Try Lamb My favourite cuisine has always been Indian! There’s just something about the rich flavour and precise seasoning that automatically makes me crave a curry. Although I had always leaned towards a chicken curry, more recently I’ve begun experimenting with lamb curries a lot more ever since I found out how important lamb is in our diet and…

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Cheap & Cheerful Chops

28th August 2019

*This is a sponsored post for Try Lamb I haven’t always been the biggest fan of lamb but after a trip to the Kendal Calling festival with Try Lamb, I have definitely been converted. After hearing all the amazing ways to have lamb, I was keen to experiment and try new recipes. After experimenting, I came up with my own recipe with a marinade mixture…

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20th May 2019

I’ve actually never been a fan of cream contours purely because the texture was never in line with what I look for in a contour. I always found that they looked as if I melted dark chocolate on my face and believe me that is farrrrr from cute! When I saw the Huda Beauty Tantour in action for the first time I was excited because…

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Huda Beauty – N.Y.M.P.H review + swatches

14th May 2019

It is almost that time of year we all aspire to look like a Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut! Well, it really should have begun already but summer is playing us in London. I’ve always preferred dewy finishes to matte looks and although my skin is pretty dry and looks like a crocodile skin most days, the best way (the only way really) to achieve this…

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Skincare routine – Beauty Pie REVIEW

22nd April 2019

For a really long time I was putting a tonne of products on my face daily and had such a strict routine, as much as I tried convincing myself that I was giving my skin a detox with all these face masks and exfoliating cleansers as I grew older I began to realise that I was really playing myself. I over complicated something so simple…

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A bronze for every babe – Benefit Cosmetics REVIEW

18th April 2019

There are two types of people in the world. Those that think hoola means the hula hoop (clearly living under a rock) and those who are with the programme and have used or at least heard of the Hoola bronzer. I remember having dreams about this bronzer whilst I was working at a benefit counter during my uni studies. After using it at least a…

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