A bronze for every babe – Benefit Cosmetics REVIEW

18th April 2019

There are two types of people in the world. Those that think hoola means the hula hoop (clearly living under a rock) and those who are with the programme and have used or at least heard of the Hoola bronzer.

I remember having dreams about this bronzer whilst I was working at a benefit counter during my uni studies. After using it at least a million and one times each day I knew why everyone hyped about this product because it was the perfect bronze without making people look like a tangerine.

Unfortunately, they only had the original Hoola at the time which was obviously not going to bronze anything for someone with my skin tone as it was a little too light for me. It did however make a perfect powder for me to use under my eye to set my concealer. Then the launch of Hoola lite came and it was much anticipated as a new Hoola (either lighter or darker) was definitely needed in the range. With that being said, Hoola lite was completely useless to me so I waited and waited until these bad boys were gifted to me by benefit.

Hoola bronzers – Benefit Cosmetics (gifted)

When I found out these bronzers were launching I was so excited, especially about Hoola toasted as I already knew that would be a perfect shade for anyone with darker skin. Here is a breakdown of what all the shades are like!

HOOLA LITE: This is a perfect shade for those with fair skin tone, it has a slightly cool undertone which is perfect as it will compliment your skin tone, despite this cool undertone it still gives the skin a nice glow and bronze that makes you look like you are still on your summer vacation in the midst of winter even.

HOOLA: This is the original Hoola and is perfect for those with light to medium skins, it also makes a pretty perfect eyeshadow to use as a transition colour or in the crease as it is slightly warmer in comparison to Hoola lite.

HOOLA CARAMEL – This one is for all those with tan skin that have that amazing holiday glow all year around. It is super warm and weirdly enough reminds me of turmeric as it has that golden finish. It is also perfect as an eyeshadow in the crease.

HOOLA TOASTED – This was made for the girls with rich complexion and I would describe it as somewhat in-between a bronzer and a blush as it has the most radiant glow yet adds a pop of colour to the cheeks.

I never was a fan of bronzer, I thought that it was not made for those with darker skin tones because I never found any that matched me or even made a visible difference to my make-up. It was always a quick jump from contour to blush for me but now I have been all about contour and BRONZE!


2 responses to “A bronze for every babe – Benefit Cosmetics REVIEW”

  1. Amina says:

    I love a good bronzer and feel like it’s so difficult to find the right one when you have dark skin so I will definitely give hula toasted a try!! Congrats on your new venture, the blog looks amazing!!!

    • hanihanss says:

      Yesssss you definitely should it is honestly a game changer! Let me know how you like it! Also, thank you so muchhhh! that means the world to me xxxx

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