Meet Hani

Hey everyone and welcome to my blog! I’m Hani, a 22 year old blogger based in London, UK. Although I have now lived in London for 16 years, I was actually born back in my hometown in Somalia. I remember coming to the UK in 2003 with just one goal in my mind: making my family proud.

I guess you could say that arriving to the country a little late meant that I was a little behind my peers and could not communicate as effectively. This only pushed me and made me fall in love with reading, writing. So much that I took english as one of my A-Level subjects at sixth form which was a shock to pretty much everyone because I was literally the worst at it up until I was 15 years old.

I never ever thought that there would be a day where I am actually writing a blog but it has happened and here is my story.

Sidenote: I always go off on a tangent so don’t be surprised if I jump around topics

Blogging was a part of my module at university

I began blogging during my first year of university as a part of my media production module and to think I almost went into studying psychology at university instead of advertising and public relations (this is a whole other story). Although I used WordPress a few years ago, I was completely clueless this time around and it took me a lot longer than anticipated to get this blog up and running, but I finally did it right? I found so much passion in sharing my make-up looks, it finally felt like I actually had a hobby other than binge a new series on Netflix. So even after I submitted my blog for grading, I continued blogging.

At the time it felt like there weren’t many people that I could identify with online, despite following all my favourite bloggers and influencers, I never actually came across many people who looked like me. I wanted to represent young girls that are like me and show them that there is also a platform for them online. Especially women who wear the hijab as it can be a little difficult sometimes when society is under the assumption that you are ‘oppressed’. The hijab is far from a barrier for me personally, I love the power of it and the courage it gave me as it has allowed me to express myself.

What to expect from this blog

This blog is my little journal of life, my experiences, my little beauty hacks and reviews and even a thing or two about my fitness journey. I am far from a nutritionist but I am doing my research and learning so many new things that I just want to share with you all! I hope this blog reminds you all of your achievements and helps you bring your dreams to reality because that is exactly what I intend to do with my life, so I welcome you on this journey with me.

To find out more about the girl behind the blog, watch my get to know me video tag on YouTube down below.

Lots of love

Hans xo