Huda Beauty – N.Y.M.P.H review + swatches

14th May 2019

It is almost that time of year we all aspire to look like a Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut! Well, it really should have begun already but summer is playing us in London. I’ve always preferred dewy finishes to matte looks and although my skin is pretty dry and looks like a crocodile skin most days, the best way (the only way really) to achieve this was by using an illuminator under my foundation.

When I heard Huda will be launching her all over body illuminator I definitely was excited especially because illuminators are actually such a versatile product that we really neglect. Here is my review on the Huda Beauty N.Y.M.P.H which was gifted to me but this is not a sponsored post.


Combination skin which changes depending on the weather but I am definitely closer to the dry side I tend to breakout easily especially more during heated days. Even though my skin is on the dry side, it is more oily than you can possibly imagine on my nose, yep, JUST my nose. But on the plus side, I am able to keep my skin appearing less dry by focusing more on skincare and prep.


When it comes to illuminators, I cannot even say how important it is for an illuminator to have sheen but NOT glitter. I always find that the ones with lots of glitters tend to be chunky and just make my face look like I have eyeshadow fall out all over (that is definitely not a cute look believe me). I also look for durability, because we all want something long lasting right?


Based on first impressions, the pigment was insane, I was dying over how radiant they also look. At first, I was a little skeptical as the shade Aurora was quite orange for my skin tone so I feared my worst nightmare of looking like a tangerine might come true. The shade Aphrodite was also way too light for me to apply all over my face so of course, I was nervous, but I filmed my first time using it for an Instagram tutorial. Despite looking really orange, to begin with, I was super pleased with how this blended out once I applied my foundation, it was as if the illuminator left the glow but ditched the colour, PERFECT if you ask me! My make-up set really nicely without looking Chalky and the illuminator gave me a radiant that pictures nor videos will do justice.

The Blur and Glow body brush is also available which makes application literally a dream as the illuminator glides on. The brush is super soft to the point I don’t even want to take it off my face, it honestly is in the name, BLUR. I absolutely love how it changes the texture of the illuminator completely. When I swatch the illuminator on my hand it has quite a chalky texture that I couldn’t pick up on camera but once I had applied it to my face all of that literally seized to exist. It really felt like the brush just gave a completely even coverage all around and blended even the bits my hands couldn’t.

Let me know your thoughts if you have tried this and also what your favourite illuminator is!


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