20th May 2019

I’ve actually never been a fan of cream contours purely because the texture was never in line with what I look for in a contour. I always found that they looked as if I melted dark chocolate on my face and believe me that is farrrrr from cute! When I saw the Huda Beauty Tantour in action for the first time I was excited because she stated that it does dry to a powder finish, which meant my problem with cream contours may have potentially been solved right?

First impression:

I received the whole range as a PR gift from the lovely Huda Beauty team and it came in a little dumbbell which I thought was so cute as it had a little one liner that read “if you can’t tone it, tan it”… super cute!

I tried it for the first time in a video which I posted on Instagram (click here) and noticed it was a little purple once I first applied the shade ‘Rich’ onto my skin but I actually really liked the purple tone is that weird?

As you can see the colours are a pretty good range which most definitely caters to every skin tone you could possibly think of. Even though the shade rich has a slightly purple undertone it is actually the perfect tone for sculpting darker skin without appearing ashy which is quite rare as most cream contours that I have tried have always left me looking borderline grey but I definitely felt like this left some warmth in my skin.

This product dries soooooooo fast so I would recommend blending it out as soon as you can before it sets otherwise you will definitely be getting an arm workout in just trying to blend it. Also, the pigment of each colour is actually insane so only a little bit is really needed otherwise you will be blending forever.

Let me know if you have tried the tantour and share your favourite contour product in the comments section!


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