Skincare routine – Beauty Pie REVIEW

22nd April 2019

For a really long time I was putting a tonne of products on my face daily and had such a strict routine, as much as I tried convincing myself that I was giving my skin a detox with all these face masks and exfoliating cleansers as I grew older I began to realise that I was really playing myself. I over complicated something so simple and in the end I was paying the price because there was always a new spot that decided to squat on my face without paying rent. I continued this ridiculous routine until I had a whole family living on my face and that is when I decided enough is enough.

After trying a million and one products on my face, I discovered more about my skin type and what I was looking for in a cleanser, a moisturiser and a serum. I wanted to keep my skincare as simple as possible and went easy on myself because I don’t need to be as strict on myself as I was before. It is completely okay to have an off day where you don’t follow your ‘routine’. For the longest time I have been promising that I will share my skincare routine, and it was honestly quite difficult to share it in detail on a Instagram caption, so here it is with all the glory detail on a blog post so tell a friend to tell a friend.

My skincare routine – Beauty Pie (Purchased not gifted)

Cleanser: Super healthy skin purifying clay cleanser – (via Beauty Pie)

Firstly we should all spend time getting to know our skin and stop comparing your skin to others. Just because your mother can put vaseline on her face and have smooth skin does not mean that you can do the same. It is important to consider your skin type, whether you have oily, dry or combination skin. This is essential when it comes to selecting your cleanser as well as all the other products in your range. I love using the Beauty Pie super healthy skin purifying clay cleanser (as you can see from the picture, I really use it fast). I use this cleanser to remove my make-up as well as a daily wash cleanser every two days. It works pretty well and leaves my face squeaky clean so I never feel the need to over use it!

Serum: Plantastic micropeeling super drops – (Via Beauty Pie)

This serum is honestly a complete game changer! After reading a bunch of reviews online, I decided to sign up for the beauty pie membership as it was only £10 a month although my first month was free as I had a referral code from my friend so I guess there was no harm in trying as I would have saved plenty of money also. So I took a risk and made my purchase and I am so thankful I did because my skin is honestly thanking me!

Before and after the Plantastic serum

I remember feeling so insecure after I had a crazy breakout with rashes and bumps all over my face. I’ve always been more prone to breaking out on my forehead and in-between my eyebrows but when my cheeks became irritated I had no idea what to do next. I would have tried anything had I been told it would help restore my skin back to its original texture. The plantastic serum has a water like texture which feels really moisturising at the same time. During the first week I started to get a lot more rashes all over my face which was expected as most products often break you out first before you see results. This serum helped massively with my hyper pigmentation, the texture of my skin and definitely cleared up my skin in a matter of weeks. Since using this product I have noticed a huge difference in my make-up also which has resulted in endless compliments!

Moisturiser: Plantastic deep nourishing moisture balm – (Via Beauty Pie)

I have decided to try this more recently and have been using it for the past three weeks. After falling in love with the plantastic serum, I wanted to try more of the range and as I was on the hunt for a new moisturiser, this felt like the perfect opportunity to try this. Beauty Pie are definitely not kidding when they say ‘deep nourishing moisture’. The first time I tried this, I used what I class as a “normal” amount which ended up being way too much as a little bit literally went a long way! This is perfect as my skin tends to get dry especially after I apply my moisturiser. The only downside I have experienced with this product is that it can feel a little sticky once it is first applied and requires a few minutes to soak into your skin before that strange texture wears off.

Eye Cream – Über youth super eye energy peptide – (Via Beauty Pie)

I have always thought I don’t need an eye cream as I am only 22 and what can a cream applied under my eye possibly do for me? Well I was completely wrong! I always blamed my under eye creases on whatever foundation, concealer or powder I was using. Little did I know I was sabotaging myself by neglecting my under eyes in my skincare routine. Two years ago I began using eye creams, I still am yet to find the most perfect one which has amazing visible results, but my under eyes definitely feel more hydrated and smooth since using the Über youth eye cream! I guess time will tell how much of a difference it actually makes to me but right now I am feeling positive about it, minus the watery eyes I get occasionally after applying it, but that is definitely expected around such a sensitive area.

SPF – Super healthy skin ultralight UVA/UVB SPF 25 – (Via Beauty Pie)

Sunscreen is important, whether you are pale, tanned or dark skinned do not neglect sunscreen. Periodtttt! This sunscreen pretty much does everything it is intended to do but one of the main reasons I love it is because it is possibly the only one that does not flash back in pictures and make me look like a ghost which is a HUGE bonus if you ask me. When it comes to sunscreens there isn’t really too much that you can expect, just that it does its job, and I am so happy with this!

If you would like to try any of the products which I have mentioned feel free to use my name HANI SIDOW at the checkout in the ‘been referred by a friend’ section in order to get your first month of Beauty Pie membership FREE!

Thank me later!


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  1. Maryam says:

    Honestly, my skin is confused, Hani. One time its dry and another its oily. Never normal. So I have to go from one product to the next. Brand to brand. But lately, I was advised to use African black soap and its really helping with my acne and all

    • hanihanss says:

      Omg same! But I’m learning the more simple my routine is, the better my skin looks! I have heard sooo much about African black soap, I’m going to give it a try definitely! Xxx

  2. Husna says:

    It seems its working

  3. Husna says:

    Though hw do we get it dia

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