We all start somewhere, right?

30th April 2019

Fitness journey.. take 17492749… action! For as long as I can remember my weight has been fluctuating as well as my motivation to get in the gym, eat clean and SLEEP properly. It was only recently I began to realise how detrimental I am to my own health by ridiculous habits I have picked up such as eating whilst watching TV. Thankfully I am not the hugest fan of binge watching series after series, but I have developed an unhealthy relationship with food. At times I would not be hungry at all (sometimes even completely full up) but I can’t sit and watch TV without eating because that’s what I have conditioned myself to.

When it came to fitness there were so many aspects of it that I did not grasp as well as I should have. I focused completely on the physical aspect of looking good or eating clean for a month and working out to ‘get ready’ for an upcoming event, but neglected the health aspect. I would rather wait for the next bus for 20 minutes than run to catch the previous one purely because I hated the feeling of being out of breath. So why haven’t I done anything about it?

I have been trying, believe me. I have tried doing ‘no sugar Jan’ when Habiba @lifelongpercussions set the challenge on Instagram, but somehow I was breathing in everything sugary. I was on this ban for a month yet I was consuming way more sugar than I usually even have and I wasn’t sure why but now I have a pretty clear idea.


I am starting to deep that I have none when it comes to dieting especially because I am the queen of making excuses. So I have been thinking how can I change this because when I am not looking my best, I don’t feel my best and it becomes mentally unhealthy because I no longer feel like myself as I get defensive and take my inner frustration out at others although the real issue is simply me. I am not content with where I am at in my fitness journey and that is getting in the way of a million and one things.

Kiss Gym (image via Kiss Gyms website)

I feel like I am wearing my heart on my sleeves right now but so great at the same time because this is the new approach I will take in my fitness journey. Keeping a record of my workouts, my meals and a blog to express myself and my struggles will only help me flourish in this journey because I know I can.

I met a lovely friend in the gym (@radionaima on Instagram) who has really helped me kick start my journey before I fell off the track again, but there is only so much someone else can help you with if you are not willing to help yourself right? Her motivation, however, is what gives me a glimpse of hope because I can see the progress she has made using the Keto Diet. This diet did not work for me but neither has any other diet I have tried if I am honest so I need to get out of the mindset of ‘dieting’ and begin this adventure in changing my lifestyle.

I have a habit of going off on a tangent but it doesn’t matter to me because this blog post is my diary (my public diary I guess lol) and I want to write everything that comes to my mind and keep it real because I want to look back when the time comes so I can see the progress I made!

If you can relate lets start a conversation! Message me on instagram @hanihanss & we can share this journey together!


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  1. Maryam says:

    Hehehe! I’m not disciplined in this fitness thing at all.

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